Fighting Ignorance

Turns Out You shouldn't try to change people's mind when they fail to recognize their failures. On the importance of pushing people to the limit.
People who refuse to acknowledge and recognize their failures are doomed because their way of life is unsustainable.
You cannot change their mind because radicalization makes people blind to alternatives.
What can be done instead :
Quarantine them.
Very important, this cannot fail, their illness must not spread.
Make it a safe space

Let them develop their ideas.

Fight fire with fire
Once they are properly contained, push them to the edge, tell them they are not radical enough.

For example : 

  • When they say that the moon landing didn't happen, tell them that the moon isn't real.
  • When they tell you that the moon isn't real, tell them that space isn't real.
  • When they tell you that the space isn't real, tell them that time isn't real.
  • etc.

Make it larger and larger, they will get so tired, spend so many ressources that they will collapse by themselves.

Eventually they will need to find something to hang on.
They will need to formalize a new epistemology.
Don’t let them go with a bang, let them go with a whimper.

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