Paying Upfront

Turns out people shouldn't do any work for free. On the importance of getting paid upfront.
Money is cheap. There's plenty of it out there and its value keeps falling if it isn't put to use.

Our attention on the other hand is one of the scarcest of our assets.
Why would anyone ever accept to work for free?
Because they didn't put their most valuable of their assets, their attention, into the most valuable of its use.
They didn't set the correct expectations.
They anticipated and they procrastinated, they never set the expectations in the present.
Any money if it isn't put into somebody's work it is a worthless piece of paper.
What is of value is what money represents. It represents expectations. The expectations that today (and maybe  tomorrow too, but that is not as certain as today) they will be able to exchange it for some value, to get another asset or to reinforce the benefits provided by an existing one.
That's why people who do work should always get an upfront payment for any value they create.

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