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Growing Engagement

Turns out people shouldn't neglect video. On the growing importance of video as a core feature of Top Tier Websites in France
In France, in the websites ranking of, video is the core feature of :
20% of the top 10,40% of the top 20,46,7% of the top 30,52,5% of the top 40,50% of the top 50.

In the attention economy, as everyone competes for where we put our eyes, video has become a good trick to keep us engaged. Thanks to the development of the 4th generation of broadband cellular network technology, low bandwidth isn't a real problem anymore.

I predict that in a few years 90% of the top 50 websites in France will have video as a core feature. TopRankSiteHas video10203040501Google.com0 20,0% 40,0% 46,7% 52,5% 50,0% 2Youtube.com13Google.fr04Facebook.com15Wikipedia.org06