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Designing Frustration

Turns out People who value their time shouldn't buy an electric car. On the importance of the Economics of the User experience It takes less than 5 minutes to refill the tank of a petrol car. It takes more than 2 hours to charge an electric car with superchargers. A gallon of petrol is about a hundred dollars.  If two hours of your time are worth more than a hundred bucks you probably shouldn't buy an electric car. Queue line of people in electric cars waiting to have access to superchargers.

Learning Effectively

Turns Out People Shouldn't Try to Learn From Failure. On The Importance of Growing Success People often say that failure is the best teacher. But is it really true? A man slacklining above the void First, let's define a few things : Growing : It's when there's more of it and more of it and more if it ... Success : When you expect something and it happens Failure : When you expect something and it doesn't happen If you expected the car to crash after you launched it against the other car at full speed, you did not fail, you succeeded to predict the outcome of your actions. The problem with people who think that they can learn from failure is that they will not pay enough attention to their successes and try to learn from failure and then fail to learn. The only way someone can learn is from success. There is no other way to succeed than to try something often and repeatedly and see if it meets our expectations every time. The greater amoun